Genuine antique Chinese furniture, antique oriental furniture, antique Chinese artifacts and Chinese architectural relics are Art Treasures Gallery speciality.  We carry a wide range of classical and provincial antique Chinese furniture, antique oriental furniture, antique Tibetan furniture, Chinese architectural relics and accessories from the Ming (1368 to 1644 ad) and Qing (1644 to 1911 ad) dynasties.

Whether you are designing a commercial interior, setting up your office, or simply adding to your antique Chinese furniture collection, click on the links below to see a showcase of recent sales by category.

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Baskets_Iconantique Chinese baskets, buckets, pots, bamboo wares, lacquer wares

baskets, buckets, pots, cake baskets, cane baskets, cane jars, ceramic jars, ceramic wine jars, ceramics, food baskets, food bowls, food containers, home wares, lacquer pots, picnic baskets, rice baskets, rice containers, rice measures, rice weights, trays, tubs, water buckets, water pots, wedding baskets, wine pots
Hatboxes_Iconantique imperial Chinese hatboxes, leather hat boxes, cane hatboxes

hat boxes, hatboxes, leather hat box, cane hatboxes, imperial hatboxes
DayBeds_Iconantique Chinese beds, day beds, opium beds, canopy beds

beds, bamboo beds, bedside cabinets, canopy beds, day beds, lacquer opium beds, opium beds, opium daybeds, rail beds
Screens_Iconantique Chinese architectural relics, screens, panels, doors, window sets, shutters

screens, panels, architectural relics, architectural antiques, architectural carving, architectural elements, architectural fragments, carved wooden windows, doors, door sets, iron doors, lattice doors, wall hangings, shutters, window panels, window sets
Cabinet_Iconantique Chinese cabinets, lacquer wedding cabinets, medicine chests

cabinets, black lacquer cabinets, bamboo bookcases, black lacquer furniture, book cabinets, cupboards, kitchen cabinets, lacquer cabinets, lacquer cabinets, lacquer wedding cabinets, medicine chests, red lacquer cabinets, red and black lacquer cabinets, red lacquer wedding cabinets, round sided cabinets, side cabinets, small cabinets, square sided cabinets, stack cabinets, shrines, tall cabinets, tapered cabinets, wedding cabinets
Sideboards_Iconantique Chinese sideboards, Tibetan sideboards

sideboards, coffers, low cabinets, side cabinets, Tibetan sideboards
Chairs_Iconantique Chinese chairs, benches, official chairs, horseshoe chairs, yokeback chairs

chairs, benches, armchairs, art deco armchairs, art deco chairs, art deco sofas, bamboo chairs, barber chairs, barber stools, baby / children's chairs, black lacquer chairs, bucket chairs, carved love seats, day chairs, folding chairs, foot stools, high hat official chairs, horseshoe chairs, lady's chairs, love seats, low back armchairs, official hat chairs, rose chairs, school benches, school chairs, side chairs, stools, yokeback chairs, wedding benches
Stands_Iconantique Chinese stands, flower stands, pillar bases, tea stands

stands, flower stands, hat stands, incense stands, pillar bases, tea stands
Chest_Iconantique Chinese chests, trunks, boxes, camphor chests, document boxes, Tibetan chests

hests, trunks, boxes, bamboo pillows, blanket chest, camphor chests, curio boxes, document boxes, jewellery boxes, lacquer boxes, leather boxes, leather pillows, leather opium boxes, mirror boxes, opium pillows, pillow boxes, small boxes, small trunks, strong boxes, tibetan chests, tibetan trunks, treasure boxes, wooden boxes, wooden chests, wooden trunks
Tables_Iconantique Chinese tables, altar tables, scroll tables, painting tables, desks, writing tables

tables, altar tables, bed tables, ceramic tables, coffee tables, console tables, desks, entrance tables, half moon tables, kang tables, lacquer desks, long tables, low tables, marble-top tables, painting tables, qin tables (a Chinese music instrument), scroll tables, square tables, stone tables, red lacquer low tables, side tables, tea tables, writing desks, writing tables
Misc_Items_Iconantique Chinese artifacts, miscellaneous items

ancestor paintings, baby cribs, beads, bookcases, bookshelves, ladders, lamps, lanterns, mirror boxes, opium tools, scholar items, silk lamps
restoration_Iconantique Chinese furniture pre and post restoration

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Art Treasures Gallery have been collecting, storing, restoring, selling and shipping genuine antiques from China since 1987.  We purchase directly from the original users.  At our warehouse, all the the items are displayed in-the-raw, in their pre-restored state.  This allows our customers to see their purchased pieces before restoration and allows Art Treasures Gallery to ensure 100% certainty of origin, guarantee authenticity and dating.

The items displayed in the showcase section are a selection of refurbished pieces that have been purchased by our customers.

Art Treasures Gallery have an extensive inventory.  Our customers tell us that Art Treasures Gallery has the largest variety and choice of genuine antique Chinese furniture and accessories in south China.

To visit our 70,000 sqft antiques Chinese furniture warehouse in Zhuhai in southern China, please call our Hong Kong office so we can can arrange transport for you from either Hong Kong or Macau and help you arrange your Peoples Republic of China (PRC) entry visas.  We also provide a free pick-up and drop-back to the Zhuhai ferry Terminal or the Macau border.

If you cannot find what you’re looking for, do let us know exactly what you need and we’ll e-mail photos of what we have in stock.  If you have questions or simply need more information you can contact Art Treasures Gallery by either clicking on:

We look forward to welcoming you to Art Treasures Gallery.

Andy SW Ng and Un Wai Kio (Vickie)

Art Treasures Gallery – Zhuhai in southern China with offices in Hong Kong and Macau.
Dealers and restorers of genuine antique Chinese furniture and antique Chinese architectural relics from the Ming and Qing dynasties.