Antique Chinese furniture restoration

Antique Chinese furniture restoration. Art Treasures Gallery (唯美古董家具公司) antique Chinese furniture restoration and refinishing workshop in Zhuhai, is staffed by over 70 craftsmen from northern china. Shown here are a selection of antique Chinese furniture that has been restored showing before and after pictures.

Below are a selection of photos of our antique Chinese furniture restoration and refinishing workshop in Zhuhai.

To visit our antiques Chinese furniture warehouse in Zhuhai in southern China, please call our Hong Kong office so we can can arrange transport for you from either Hong Kong or Macau and help you arrange your Peoples Republic of China (PRC) entry visas. We provide a free pick-up and drop-back to the Zhuhai ferry Terminal or the Macau border.

If you have questions or simply need more information you can contact Art Treasures Gallery by either clicking on the Contact Us link here or on the navigation bar at the top.

We look forward to welcoming you to Art Treasures Gallery.

Andy SW Ng and Un Wai Kio (Vickie)

Art Treasures Gallery – Zhuhai in southern China with offices in Hong Kong and Macau. Dealers and restorers of genuine antique Chinese furniture from the Ming and Qing dynasties.

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