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Genuine antique Chinese furniture and antique Chinese architectural fittings are Art Treasures Gallery (唯美古董家具公司) speciality.  We are dealers and restorer of classical and provincial antique Chinese furniture from the Ming and Qing dynasties and count amongst our customers; individual collectors, auction houses, museums, dealers, wholesalers, corporates, and interior designers.  Our customers come from China, Asia, USA, Canada, UK and Europe.

Chinese antiques are our passion.  Art Treasures Gallery have been collecting, storing and restoring genuine antique Chinese furniture and antique Chinese architectural relics since 1987.  Our antique Chinese furniture warehouse is located in Zhuhai, in Guangdong Province in southern China, which is just 60 minutes from Hong Kong by ferry and 15 minutes from Macau.

In our antiques Chinese furniture warehouse in Zhuhai we have in store and on show more than 25,000 genuine antique Chinese furniture items, architectural fittings, objects and accessories from the Ming and Qing dynasties.  All the furniture is displayed in its pre-restored state.

antique Chinese beds, day beds, opium beds, canopy beds
antique Chinese architectural relics, screens, panels, doors, window sets, shutters
antique Chinese cabinets, lacquer wedding cabinets, medicine chests
antique Chinese sideboards, Tibetan sideboards
antique Chinese chairs, benches, official chairs, horseshoe chairs, yokeback chairs
antique Chinese tables, altar tables, scroll tables, painting tables, desks, writing tables
antique Chinese chests, trunks, boxes, camphor chests, document boxes,  Tibetan chests
antique Chinese stands, flower stands, pillar bases, tea stands
antique Chinese baskets, buckets, pots, bamboo wares, lacquer ware
antique imperial Chinese hatboxes, leather hat boxes, cane hatboxes
antique Chinese artifacts, ladders, lamps, lanterns
antique Chinese furniture restoration

On site at  the Art Treasures Gallery antiques Chinese furniture warehouse in Zhuhai we have a team of 70 highly trained professional restorers and craftsmen, using traditional methods and materials who can clean, and painstakingly repair, restore and refinish your purchases to their former glory.

Below is a virtual tour of Art Treasures Gallery’s 70,000 sqft antiques Chinese furniture warehouse in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, southern China.

All purchases from Art Treasures Gallery come with a guarantee of authenticity.  We source our stock from remote villages throughout China.  All our stock is purchased directly from end users, which allows us to guarantee authenticity and place of origin.  We can also arrange shipping worldwide by sea or by air, by the piece or by the container.

Our customers tell us that Art Treasures Gallery has the largest variety and choice of genuine antique Chinese furniture and accessories in south China.  We also offer an after-sales service in China, Macau and Hong Kong and can arrange for one of our restorers to fix or make adjustments to restored furniture.

Visiting our antiques Chinese furniture warehouse in Zhuhai.
Our antiques Chinese furniture warehouse in Zhuhai is open to the public by appointment only.

To visit our antiques Chinese furniture warehouse in Zhuhai in southern China, please call our Hong Kong office so we can can arrange transport for you from either Hong Kong or Macau and help you arrange your Peoples Republic of China (PRC) entry visas.  We provide a free pick-up and drop-back to the Zhuhai ferry Terminal or the Macau border.

Foreign passport holders can obtain a 3 day Zhuhai Special Economic Zone visa, upon arrival at the Zhuhai ferry terminal.   The exception being American passport holders, French passport holders and Diplomatic passport holders, who must obtain a visa BEFORE commencing their journey to China.

ALL American passport and French passport holders and ALL Foreign and Diplomatic passport holders MUST obtain a full PRC visa BEFORE commencing their journey.  Please make sure there is a full, clean page available in your passport for your visa.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hong Kong can issue PRC Visas. This generally takes three to four working days.  The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hong Kong will require your passport and two passport sized pictures. China Travel Services (CTS) offer a same-day visa service.

Thank you for visiting the Arts Treasures Gallery web site. If you have questions, simply need more information, or if you cannot find the furnishing you need then please let us know exactly what you need.  It will be our absolute pleasure to help you.  If you have particular requirements, we can e-mail you photos of what we have in stock.

We look forward to welcoming you to Art Treasures Gallery.  Our extensive stock of fine antique Chinese furniture ranges from traditional and simple Ming furniture, to the complex and decorated furniture of the late Qing dynasty.

Art Treasures Gallery can be contacted by clicking on the Contact Us button at the top of the page.

2024/25 is the year of the Dragon. We wish all our customers good fortune, success and longevity in this year of the Wood Dragon.

Antique Chinese furniture - Art Treasures Gallery CN HK MO
Andy SW Ng and Un Wai Kio (Vickie)

Art Treasures Gallery – Zhuhai in southern China with offices in Hong Kong and Macau. Dealers and restorers of genuine antique Chinese furniture and antique Chinese architectural relics from the Ming and Qing dynasties.

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