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Antique Chinese furniture - Antique Chinese chests, trunks, boxes include:

antique chinese chests, trunks, boxes, bamboo pillows, blanket chest, camphor chests, curio boxes, document boxes, jewelry boxes, lacquer boxes, leather boxes, leather pillows, leather  opium boxes, mirror boxes, opium pillows, pillow boxes, small boxes, small trunks, strong boxes, tibetan chests, tibetan trunks, treasure boxes, wooden boxes, wooden chests, wooden trunks ... also see antique chinese  sideboards and antique chinese cabinets

antique chinese furniture - Red lacquer wedding trunk.

Antique Chinese red lacquer wedding trunk used as a diplay unit by one of our customers.

19th Century red lacquer wedding trunk, circa 1880 A.D. from Zhejiang, China.

Please note:  The items displayed in this antique chinese furniture chests, trunks, boxes showcase are a selection of pieces that have been purchased by our customers.  If you have questions or simply need more information you can contact Art Treasures Gallery by either clicking on the Contact Us link here or on the navigation button on the left.

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